Deleting NFT listings FAQs

Guide for how to delete an NFT listing on Voice.

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NFT listings on

NFTs on Ethereum + Polygon

Who can delete an NFT listing?

On Voice, only the primary creator who is the active owner of the unsold NFT listing can delete it. No other owner types can delete or burn an NFT on Voice. The primary creator cannot delete an NFT listing they no longer own.

How can I delete an NFT listing?

Deleting your NFT listing from the Voice platform:

  1. From the listing page of the NFT you wish to delete, click the button with three dots "..."

  2. Select the "Delete" option in the drop-down menu.

  3. A pop-up will appear to confirm the deletion. Click the box next to "I am sure" and click "Delete" when ready. *Note: Deleting a listing is irreversible and cannot be recovered later.

That’s it — you’ve successfully deleted your NFT listing.

Can I delete unsold editions of an NFT?

No. As a creator, you are not able to burn the remaining editions of an NFT if other editions are currently owned by other users. This is because all editions are connected to the NFT listing.

Can I recover an NFT listing that has been deleted?

No. Deleting is irreversible.

How can I manage and burn NFTs I own on other blockchains (Ethereum + Polygon)?

Directions for burning/hiding and additional resources can be found through OpenSea's Help Center here.

I created an NFT and sold it, but now I want to delete it. What can I do?

Only the primary creator/current owner can delete unsold NFT listings on If the NFT has been purchased and minted to either Ethereum or Polygon, the NFT can be managed by the current owner of the NFT using the directions here.

*Note: Only the current owner and holder of the NFT can manage the NFT on Ethereum and Polygon.

If there is a reason for ethical concern over the way your creation is being used, you may reach out to our Trust and Safety team via email at [email protected].

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