If you are here, it means you are probably new to crypto payments and ready to withdraw your hard-earned money from Voice.

Moving your money from Voice to USD Coin (USDC) and from USDC to your bank account is quick, easy, and free* on Voice. That’s right: there are zero withdrawal fees when using USDC.

If USDC is your first foray into cryptocurrency, don’t worry. USDC isn’t subject to volatility like other coins you may have heard of and is considered a stable coin, which means it is tied 1:1 with the US Dollar. 1 USDC always equals $1 USD.


We recommend that you set up an account with Coinbase. This is by far the largest crypto exchange, is very user friendly, and is fee-less for USDC. If you’re already set up on another exchange that supports USDC, you’re welcome to use it — just keep in mind that this guide will not cover the process and you may have to pay network or gas fees.

Once you’ve moved your money from your Voice Balance to Coinbase via USDC, you can cash out directly to your bank account at no cost.

Part 1: Getting your Voice Balance to Coinbase via USDC

  1. Navigate to Coinbase.com and create an account if you have not already done so.

  2. Click on Send / Receive in the top right corner of the screen, and navigate to the tab Receive.

  3. Click Assets and search for USDC, selecting USD Coin as the asset.

  4. Copy the address below the QR code.

  5. Back on Voice, navigate to voice.com/cashout. Paste your wallet address in Voice as your payout address and submit. We highly recommend sending a small amount for your first withdrawal to confirm the address you gave is correct.

Part 2: Moving your money from Coinbase to your bank account

Assuming you have successfully transferred your Voice balance to Coinbase via USDC:

  1. Login to your Coinbase account.

  2. Click the Buy / Sell button in the top right hand corner.

  3. Navigate to the Sell tab and select USD Coin to sell. Deposit to Cash should be selected by default.

  4. Click Sell Now.

  5. Click Withdraw Funds on the next screen.

  6. Enter your withdrawal amount and click Continue.

  7. Follow prompts to add a card or bank, or select a previously added account.

  8. Confirm the payout. Your funds will arrive in 1-3 days.

*Network/gas fees may apply with Coinbase or other services.

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