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Create Discord NFT Access
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Discord is a major tool for building Web3 communities. Voice has built a tool to help you build and manage yours, using a Voice account as authorization.

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How it works

Voice provides a free to use Discord integration that allows for Voice NFTs to work as access tokens to private Discord channels. This is done via setting custom roles, which can be set based on specific NFTs, NFTs by a specific creator, or on NFTs from a series.

Creating a Discord Server

If you are new to using Discord, or have never set up your own Discord before, we recommend reading through their Getting Started guide or jumping right into their tutorial on creating your own server.

Setting up Roles

The Voice Discord integration allows you to assign custom roles to users based on the NFTs they own on Voice. Roles allow for managing a user's access to specific channels within Discord. For example, you can make a channel in a server called “Best Friends”, and only allow users in your Discord with the role “best-friend” to access and post inside of that channel.

Before you begin to set up rules that allow adding roles based on NFTs, give Discord’s role tutorial a read to set up what you need.

Installing the Voice Discord Bot

  • Visit this link to add the Voice Verify application and bot to your discord server

    • You must be an administrator within the server

  • In addition to being a server administrator you must also have the administrator permissions turned on for the admin role in that server. To do this go to server settings -> roles, select the admin role, and then click permissions. Scroll to the bottom and turn on the “Administrator” flag.

Adding a Rule

Rules are the logic that allows for assigning roles to users based on the NFTs that they own. You will need to be an administrator within the Discord server in order to create these. In order to create a rule you will need:

  • A role that will be granted to users who satisfy the rule conditions. See the “Setting up Roles” section for more details about this.

  • The ID of the Series or specific NFT that will grant access to the role, or the name of an account on that you would grant the role to for anyone who owns an NFT from that creator.

Once you have the role set up and the ID or account name you want to set it up for you will need to create the role, aka the logic for when that role is assigned to a user. To do this:

  1. Make sure you have direct messages turned on for your server.

  2. Go to any channel in your server (consider creating a private channel just for you to create rules in, but this isn’t required)

  3. Type /voice into that channel

    1. You will see a list of options appear - the Discord bot is designed to make this process easy for you

    2. Click “rule add” from the menu that appears

    3. Now that you have specified that you want to add a rule, you will see a new set of options. Select “role”

    4. When prompted, type in the exact role name you set up above that you want to grant for this rule. For example, its the role “best-friend”

    5. Press tab

    6. You will now have two options to select, click on “match_type”

      1. If you are looking to assign the role based on the user owning an NFT by a specific creator, type “Creator”

      2. if you are looking to assign the role based on the user owning a specific NFT or any NFT from a specific Series type “NFT”

    7. Press tab

    8. You will now have one option left to select, click on “match”

    9. When prompted, enter the Voice NFT ID that you got above, or the Voice username. Note: If you use the ID of a series, anyone who owns an edition of that series will satisfy the rule.

  1. You will get a DM from the Voice Verify bot (must be open to DMs in the server) saying whether adding the rule succeeded or failed, and if it failed, why it failed

Removing a rule

Removing rules that you have set up is easy!

  1. Go into the channel you were using to set up rules.

  2. Type /voice and a set of options will appear

  3. Select “rule remove”

  4. Fill out the same details the same way you did when originally creating a rule in the section above.

Viewing Rules

  1. Go to any channel in your server and type:

    1. /voice rule list

  2. You will get a DM from the Voice Verify bot (must be open to DMs in the server) with the list of rules for your Discord server

How to claim Discord roles based on Voice NFTs

For projects that have set up Discord roles for specific NFTs, it's easy to claim those roles.

  1. Go to any channel in that Discord server and type (make sure you have DMs turned on).

    1. Type /voice sync

  2. You will receive a DM from the Voice Verify bot.

    1. If you have not yet linked your Discord account to your Voice account the DM will include a Discord Authentication link that will link your Discord account to your Voice account. Linking your account once will link it for all Discord servers that you are a member of.

      1. Click the link

      2. Click the button to accept the request

      3. You will be redirected to Voice and see your account has been linked

      4. Go back to any channel in your server and type /voice sync again

    2. If you have already linked your Voice account the DM will report the list of Discord server roles that you have been granted.

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