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Wallets + Verification


How do I connect a wallet to my Voice account?

If you want to take advantage of Voice’s cross-chain functionality, including wrapping NFTs on other blockchains and unwrapping Voice NFTs from other blockchains, you must connect a wallet for that third-party blockchain to your Voice account.


  1. In the upper-right corner of the page on Voice, select your profile picture, and then select Wallets.
    A window appears, listing any supported wallets.

  2. Select the wallet that you want to connect to.

  3. Approve the transaction request from your wallet.

Your wallet is now connected, and you can wrap NFTs from Voice to your associated blockchain account. Note that you can only be connected to one wallet at a time. If you want to connect to a different wallet, you must disconnect from your currently connected wallet before connecting to another wallet.

If you want to disconnect your wallet, access the same Wallets area, and then select Disconnect, which disconnects you from the wallet you are currently connected to.

Which blockchains and wallets does Voice support?

Voice currently supports the following blockchains and wallets:






  • Anchor

  • WAX Cloud Wallet

Additional blockchains and wallets will be available in the future. Stay connected for updates through our email newsletters and our Discord channel #platform-updates.

What does “wrap” mean?

When you wrap an NFT, you send it to another blockchain. Your original NFT is stored in a vault on Voice; meanwhile, Voice mints a new NFT on the destination blockchain and transfers it to your wallet on that blockchain. While your NFT is wrapped on another blockchain, you cannot list it for sale or auction or otherwise transfer it on Voice.

What NFTs can I wrap?

To wrap an NFT, you must have a connected blockchain wallet, and you must own the NFT that you want to wrap. In addition, the NFT must:

  • Not be listed for sale or auction

  • Not be gifted to another user

  • Be a single NFT, not a series of editions

  • Have been previously sold on Voice

What media types can I send to other blockchains?

You can wrap NFTs that reference any media type you want, including images, PDFs, audio, and video. However, not all platforms support all of the same media types that Voice does. If you are wrapping on a blockchain where many of the platforms do not support the file type your NFT references, Voice will let you know, but you can still choose to wrap your NFT if you want to. For example, markets on WAX do not support audio media; that is, you can’t listen to a song on those platforms. If you attempt to send an audio NFT to WAX, Voice will inform you that WAX marketplaces do not support that file format and ask if you still want to wrap your NFT.

On what blockchains can I wrap my NFT?

Currently, Voice supports wrapping NFTs on the WAX blockchain. More blockchains will be available in the future.

Why would I want to wrap my NFT?

Wrapping your NFT allows you to take advantage of marketplaces on other blockchains. For example, if you wrap your NFT on WAX, you can attempt to sell it on AtomicHub or NFTHive.

Do I have to wrap my NFTs?

No, wrapping your NFTs is an optional feature and not required.

Will I still receive creator royalties from wrapped NFTs?

If you create an NFT on Voice and that NFT is wrapped on another blockchain and sold in another marketplace, you will still receive creator royalties for that NFT. Voice collects the royalties from the external platform and then credits them to your balance on Voice in the form of USDC.

How do I wrap an NFT?

You can send NFTs you own to other supported blockchains by wrapping them.

Before you begin

  • Ensure your NFT meets the criteria outlined in the “What NFTs can I wrap?” FAQ.

  • Ensure your wallet has sufficient resources to cover the transfer cost.


  1. Access the page for the NFT you want to wrap.

  2. Select the three-dot button beneath the NFT media, and then select Wrap.

  3. Select the checkbox confirming that you understand that you cannot transfer the NFT on Voice while it is wrapped.

  4. Select Wrap.

  5. Approve the wrapping transaction with your wallet.

Voice begins the process of wrapping your NFT. It may take several minutes to complete. Once it is finished, you will receive an email confirming that your NFT was successfully wrapped.

If you encounter any issues attempting to wrap your NFT, check out the “Why can’t I wrap this NFT?” FAQ to see if any of those reasons applies.

Why can’t I wrap this NFT?

In general, you can wrap any NFT you own. However, there are a few scenarios that might cause you to be unable to wrap an NFT.

  • The NFT is a series. You can only wrap individual NFTs, not series of editions. Not all other blockchains have the concept of a series the way that Voice does; as a result, you cannot wrap a series of NFTs on another blockchain. You can, however, wrap individual editions.

  • Your NFT is listed for sale or auction. While an NFT is wrapped on another blockchain, you cannot sell or auction it on Voice. As a result, you also cannot wrap NFTs that are already listed for sale or auction. If you want to wrap a listed NFT, you must cancel the sale or auction before you can wrap it.

  • The NFT hasn’t been sold on Voice yet. An NFT cannot be wrapped until it has been sold on Voice.

  • You don’t have a connected wallet. If you do not have a connected blockchain wallet when you attempt to wrap your NFT, you will be prompted to connect your wallet. If you do not connect a wallet, you will be unable to wrap.

  • Your wallet does not have sufficient resources to complete the wrapexwrport. For EOS-based blockchains like WAX and EOS mainnet, in addition to needing enough tokens to cover the cost of the transaction, you also need to stake resources, like RAM and CPU. Check your wallet app to ensure you have enough resources, and add more when you need to.

  • Your wallet address is registered to a different Voice account. A single wallet address can only be associated with one Voice account at a time. If you have multiple Voice accounts and you are unable to wrap from one of them, check to see if your wallet address is already verified on a different Voice account. If it is verified on a different Voice account, you can unverify that account and then verify your wallet address on the other Voice account from which you want to wrap your NFT. Alternatively, you can send the NFT from one Voice account to another account to which the wallet address is already registered and then wrap from that account.

What does “unwrap” mean?

If you own Voice NFTs on another blockchain, you can bring them back to Voice using a process known as “unwrapping.” When you unwrap an NFT, it is burned on the other blockchain, and then the vaulted NFT on Voice is transferred to your Voice account.

How do I unwrap an NFT?

If you own on another blockchain an NFT that originated on Voice, you can complete the following steps to bring that NFT back to Voice.

  1. Access the page on Voice for the NFT that you want to unwrap.

  2. Select the three-dot button beneath the NFT media, and then select Unwrap.

  3. Select the checkbox confirming that you understand that the NFT will be burned on the other chain when it is unwrapped on Voice.

  4. Select Unwrap.

  5. Approve the unwrap transaction with your wallet.

Voice begins the process of unwrapping your NFT. It may take several minutes to complete. Once it is finished, you will receive an email confirming that the NFT was successfully unwrapped.

If you encounter any issues attempting to unwrap your NFT, check out the “Why can’t I unwrap this NFT?” FAQ to see if any of those reasons applies.

Why can’t I unwrap this NFT?

If you can’t unwrap an NFT, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • The NFT is not a Voice NFT. You can only unwrap NFTs that originated on Voice and were then wrappedexported to another blockchain.

  • The NFT is not owned by a blockchain account you’ve verified.

    • If you transferred your NFT to someone else, you can’t unwrap it.

    • If you transferred your NFT to a different wallet address that you own, you must connect to that address and verify that account to be able to unwrap.

    • If you haven’t verified your blockchain account, you must do so before you can unwrap.

  • You are currently connected to a different account than the one that owns the NFT. For example, you might have two verified WAX accounts, Account A and Account B, associated with your Voice account. Account A owns the NFT, but your active wallet session is connected to Account B. You must use your wallet app to disconnect from Account B and then connect to Account A so that you can unwrap your NFT. Note that you may also need to disconnect your wallet and then reconnect it on Voice for the change to take effect.

Why do I need to verify my blockchain account?

Many NFT platforms use your wallet address as your primary means of authentication. That is, instead of a username and password, you just use your wallet. On Voice, however, you have a Voice account, with its own credentials, that is separate from your wallet. When you connect a wallet to Voice, we need to verify that you are the owner of that wallet before we allow you to perform actions with that wallet, such as wrapping and unwrapping NFTs.

When you wrap an NFT, your wallet is automatically verified. However, if you have never wrapped an NFT, you must manually verify your wallet before you can unwrap a Voice NFT you own from another blockchain.

When you verify your blockchain account, Voice can see if you own any Voice NFTs in your wallet. If you do, you will see an off-platform section in your profile, and any Voice NFTs owned by your verified account appear within that section.

You must verify the blockchain account for any wallet you connect to Voice; however, you only need to verify your account once per wallet. Once you’ve verified, you never have to do it again for that wallet unless you choose to unverify your account. Once your account is verified, Voice can detect any Voice NFTs in that wallet, regardless of whether you have a currently-active wallet session on Voice. You can have multiple wallet addresses verified at the same time.

How do I verify my blockchain account?

You must verify your blockchain account associated with any connected wallet to be able to unwrap NFTs from that wallet. Your account is automatically verified when you wrap an NFT; however, if you have not wrapped an NFT, you can complete the following steps to verify your blockchain account.


  1. Ensure you are connected to the wallet associated with the blockchain account you want to verify.

  2. Select your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the page, and then select Wallet.
    A window appears, displaying the available wallets and indicating which wallet you are connected to.

  3. Select the Verify tab.

  4. Next to the wallet associated with the account you want to verify, select the Verify button.

  5. In the message that appears, select Continue.

Approve the transaction with your wallet.

Your blockchain account is verified, and you can now view any Voice NFTs you own in that account and unwrap those NFTs on Voice.

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