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We've collected a list of tips that users have found helpful when experiencing trouble with verification. If you are experiencing trouble, we recommend trying the following suggestions:

  • Make sure you are using the most recently updated version of your internet browser and that camera access is enabled.

  • If your camera is blurry, our users say that wiping the camera lens often does the trick!

  • Try not to let too much time pass between each step, since the system times out after 15 seconds which automatically denies the attempt.

  • If you're having trouble with one device, try using a different device (preferably a smartphone), if available.

  • Try to not to be holding both your device and your ID in each hand - ideally, one of the two should be on a flat and stable surface to help stabilize and focus the camera.

  • Placing your ID on a stable, dark background will help your camera's ability to focus on it - contrast is key for a clear read of your ID!

  • Make sure you take the photos in a well-lit environment (camera flashes and direct bright lights sometimes cause too much of a glare and make it hard for our verification system to read the ID and/or your selfie).

  • Adjust the distance between the device and your ID (too close will end up blurry, but too far will make the ID too small to be readable by our third-party verification provider's system).

  • Make sure no part of your ID is cut off or cropped out, even the corners must be visible within your image.

  • Please ensure you have used only those verification methods which are accepted by our verification provider for the country where you reside (generally, valid, in-date/unexpired, and government-issued passports, driver's licenses, and/or other forms of ID).

If you continue to have trouble, even after trying these mentioned tips above, please send an email to our team at [email protected] for further assistance.

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