For reporting bugs or other technical issues, please send an email directly to our team at: [email protected]

To help us troubleshoot, consider these tips when contacting us:

  • Write in using the same email address registered to your Voice account, this helps our team quickly locate your account and begin troubleshooting.

  • Be specific, the more details you include, the better we can understand and help to resolve the issue. Examples of helpful details for troubleshooting include:

    • Web browser type and version (ex: Google Chrome Version 103.0.5060.114).

    • If you are using a mobile device and/or desktop computer.

    • A list of any VPNs, adblockers, spam extensions, and/or firewalls, you are currently using.

  • Visuals are extremely helpful too. Please include screenshots, video, or files that help show us the problem you are seeing. Please be sure to include the webpage's URL and any error messages you may be seeing.

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