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What is a "scheduled drop"?

A scheduled drop is when you schedule an NFT for sale at a specific time and date of your choosing when listing your NFT for purchase.

What are the requirements to schedule a drop for an NFT?

To schedule a drop for an NFT:

  • You must be logged into your account.

  • You must own and hold the NFT in your collection on

  • The NFT must not be listed for sale or auction.

How do I schedule a drop?

First, double-check that your NFT meets the criteria listed in our FAQ; What are the requirements to schedule a drop for an NFT?

After checking that these requirements are met, log into your Voice account and visit the NFT listing page you'd like to schedule a drop for.


  1. Once on your NFT listing page, you'll start by clicking the "List for sale" button.

  2. After clicking the "List for sale" button, a pop-up window will appear. Fill in the type of sale you'd like to schedule (Fixed Price or Auction) and the price. Once you have filled in these details, click the "Scheduled drop" toggle.

  3. The page will then allow you to choose a date and time for the drop. After setting your desired date and time, click the "Continue" button.

  4. The page will take a few moments to process your scheduled NFT request. Once completed you'll see a confirmation pop-up window with a link you can use to share your scheduled NFT drop. Voila, you have scheduled an NFT drop!

How do I cancel a scheduled drop?

First, log into your account and then visit the NFT listing. Once on the listing page, scroll down the page and click the "Cancel scheduled drop" link.

After clicking the "Cancel scheduled drop" link, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your request. When ready, click the "Cancel scheduled drop" button.

The page will take a few moments to load your request and once completed will refresh the listing page with the scheduled drop canceled.

What if my customers are in a different timezone?

Customers will automatically see your scheduled drop time translated to their own timezone.

How far out can I schedule a drop?

30 calendar days from the set date. For example, if you are scheduling a drop today on the 8th of September, you can schedule a drop as far as October 8th.

At this time, we do not offer scheduled drops further out in the future. However, if you have a timeline in mind, we encourage you to share your feedback within our Discord's #platform_feedback channel.

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