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A guide to Voice's fees for collectors.

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Are there fees for collectors on Voice.com?

Yes, below are fees for collectors on Voice.

  • Minting gas fee

    Voice NFTs are minted at the time of purchase, and the collector will be responsible for minting gas fees* upon purchase on Ethereum.

    *Voice will cover gas fees on Polygon for the foreseeable future.

  • Convenience fee

    On purchases, 3% of the sale price, is added and charged to the buyer when paying with a credit card.

Are there fees for creators?

Yes. There is a platform fee on each transaction charged to the seller. For more information, please see our FAQ page for creators here.

What are gas fees?

Gas fees are something all users must pay in order to perform any function on the Ethereum blockchain. These fees are used to compensate Ethereum miners for the energy required to verify a transaction and for providing a layer of security to the Ethereum network.

For more information about gas fees on Ethereum, please see the link provided here.

How much are gas fees? How are they calculated?

Gas fees vary based on network availability and will be displayed at the time of purchase for your review.

On Ethereum, the gas fees are calculated using Gas Limit * Gas Price per Unit. So if the gas limit was 20,000 and the price per unit was 200 *gwei, the calculation would be 20,000 * 200 = 4,000,000 gwei or 0.004 ETH. For more information on Ethereum gas fees, please see the link provided here.

Voice will cover gas fees on Polygon for the foreseeable future.

*Gwei is a portmanteau (a blend of words) of giga and wei. Gwei is a denomination of the cryptocurrency ether (ETH), the digital coin used on the Ethereum network.

Do I need to have ETH or MATIC in my MetaMask wallet when buying NFTs on Ethereum or Polygon?

No. The amount will be added to the total sale price when paying with either a credit card or with your Voice Balance (USDC).

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