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A guide for printing your Voice NFTs with Infinite Objects

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What is an Infinite Object?

An Infinite Object is a display designed to loop one visual permanently. There are no buttons, no connectivity, no app, and no updates. Just one visual, looping infinitely.

Artwork by Steve Aoki - Whales

Voice has teamed up with Infinite Objects to bring your digital collectibles on Voice to life with permanently treated physical displays. Each Infinite Objects Voice NFT Print includes a unique QR code that links to your NFT.

What does it mean to “print” an NFT?

Infinite Objects prints are designed to be a physical visual reproduction of an NFT. Authenticated prints are the most beautiful way to show off your favorite NFTs, in an immutable design object that is uniquely customized to reference your NFT on the blockchain.

Each Authenticated NFT Print from Infinite Objects features a unique QR code on the back that links directly to your token on-chain. This way you can prove your ownership anytime, just by scanning the back of your print.

All Authenticated NFT Prints include a unique serial identifier in the form of a QR code that links the digital to the physical.

Being able to authenticate your ownership from the physical is equally exciting as enjoying your beautiful piece in real life. When you scan the QR code, it will take you to the token on-chain, where you can see that you own this exact token.

What file types are supported?

Infinite Objects are compatible with Voice NFTs of the following file types:

  • MP4 video

  • GIF

  • PNG

  • APNG

  • JPEG

Do Infinite Objects play audio?

No. Infinite Objects have been designed to be "always on" visuals without audio.

What sizes are offered for Infinite Objects?

Dimensions of Infinite Objects are as follows:

Product Variant

Outer Dimension

Visible Display Diagonal

XL Acrylic

11.4 x 7.5 x 1.1 in

10 in

Large Acrylic

8.4 x 5.8 x 1 in

7 in

Small Acrylic

6.4 x 4.5 x 1 in

5 in

More information can be found on Infinite Objects here.

How much do Infinite Objects cost?

Pricing depends on the print sizing you select as follows:

Product Variant


XL Acrylic

$289 USD

Large Acrylic

$179 USD

Small Acrylic

$139 USD

What's included in the box?

Included with every Infinite Object print are a MagSafe-style power cable, and a 5V power supply (US plug, 100-240V compatible).

Check out Infinite Object's Product Specifications page here to learn more.

How much power do Infinite Objects consume?

When fully charged, Infinite Objects have about 2 hours of battery life. However, they're meant to be a part of your space, always plugged in on your coffee table, bookshelf, or desk.

Small sizes typically take about 1 hour of being plugged in to reach full battery charge. Large and XL sizes take about 2 hours.

They use MagSafe USB chargers and draw only 0.0015kWh per hour which is equivalent to charging a small cell phone.

Can I opt out of offering Infinite Objects displays for my NFT listings?

Yes. Artists now have the power to choose if they would like to offer their collectors the option to have an NFT from their collection within an Infinite Objects display.

To opt-in or out, simply log into your Voice account, visit your profile, and click the "Edit profile" button.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the toggle next to "Allow Infinite Objects" on (purple or toggle right) or off (grey or toggle left) to set your preference. Once set, click "Save" to save your changes.

The above image has Infinite Objects on and is available for collectors to order a display of their owned NFT.

How do I get a print of my collected NFT from Infinite Objects?

Log into your Voice account and open the listing for the NFT you'd like to print.

On the listing page, scroll down to the NFT details and click the purple "Print with Infinite Objects" button. Note: If this button does not appear on the NFT, this means this file type is not supported for printing. To learn what file types are compatible, please see our FAQ here.

From here, a pop-up window from Infinite Objects will appear on the page allowing you to select the sizing for your print.

After selecting your preferred size, scroll down and click the "Print this NFT" button.

The page will then redirect you to Infinite Objects to enter your information for a secure checkout and shipment of your NFT print.

For assistance with orders and shipping, please contact the team at Infinite Objects here.

Can I print a collected NFT more than once?

Yes, you can print an NFT in your collection as many times as you would like through Infinite Objects using the directions here.

Can I change the art?

No. Infinite Objects are the same as a framed poster, print, or photograph -- but for an NFT. Each object has been permanently treated with the singular content it holds.

Does Infinite Objects have a return policy?

Yes. Should you not be completely satisfied with your Object you are able to request a refund in accordance with Infinite Objects' policy up to 30 days after receiving your Display.

Return requests received after 30 days of receiving your Display will not be honored. If within 30 days of receiving your Display, you experience dissatisfaction please email the team at [email protected] to connect with a team member for further assistance.

For more information, please see Infinite Object's full Refund policy here.

Where can I find more information and support for orders with Infinite Objects?

For more information, please see the Infinite Objects resource page here.

For assistance with orders or shipping, please contact the team at Infinite Objects here.

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