There is a platform fee on each transaction charged to the seller. On the first sale, the fee is 5% of the sale price, while on secondary sales, the fee is 2.5%. The fee on all sales has a minimum of $0.50.

If you are the sole creator of the work, you will receive the full proceeds after the deduction of the platform fee upon sale. If you are part of a project with multiple creators, you’ll split those proceeds evenly*. For all future secondary sales, you’ll receive a percentage of the Creator Royalty.

If you are selling an NFT in the secondary market, your proceeds will be the amount after deducting the platform fee of 2.5% and the cut to the original creators, if it applies.

All amounts will be in USDC. Please see the payment guide to learn more about withdrawing your balance.

*When proceeds are being split between multiple creators, the cents that can’t be split evenly will go to the creator who minted the NFT.

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