There is a platform fee on each transaction charged to the seller. On the first sale, the fee is 5% of the sale price. On secondary sales, the fee is 2.5%.

If you are the sole creator of the work, you will receive the full proceeds after the deduction of the platform fee upon sale. If you are part of a project with multiple creators, you’ll split those proceeds evenly*. For all future secondary sales, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale on the appreciated value (See section on Creator Appreciation Percentage).

If you are selling an NFT in the secondary market, your proceeds will be the amount after deducting the platform fee of 2.5% and the cut to the original creators, if it applies. Creators get a cut if the sale price is higher than any other previous sale, and the size of that royalty is decided by the Creator Appreciation Percentage.

All amounts will be in USDC. Please see the payment guide to learn more about withdrawing your balance.

*When proceeds are being split between multiple creators, the cents that can’t be split evenly will go to the creator who minted the NFT.

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