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Purchasing FAQs

A guide for navigating purchases on Voice

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Table of contents

Credit card purchases

Voice balance purchases

Split payments


Do I need a crypto wallet before making a purchase on Voice?

Yes, for purchasing on Voice, all collectors will need to connect either their MetaMask or Magic Wallet to their Voice account to store their purchased NFTs.

For more information on how to create and connect a MetaMask wallet to your Voice account, please see our MetaMask FAQs here.

For more information on how to create and connect Magic Wallet to your Voice account, please see our Magic Wallet FAQs here.

Note: Creators do not need to connect their wallets, as a connected wallet is not required to create, sell, or airdrop NFTs on Voice.

How do I purchase NFTs on Voice?

Before purchasing an NFT on Voice, collectors will need to connect their MetaMask* or Magic Wallet to their Voice account to store their purchased NFTs.

*Connecting your MetaMask wallet and purchasing an NFT on Voice from your mobile device will require you to do so from inside the MetaMask app's native browser. This is not required for Magic Wallet.

Purchasing an NFT

  1. After you’ve connected your MetaMask or Magic Wallet and have found an NFT you’d like to buy, click on the NFT to view more details.

  2. In the details section under the NFT, the specific blockchain that the creator has chosen for the NFT to be minted to will be listed.

    For MetaMask wallets, you will need to make sure you are on the correct blockchain on both your Voice account and your MetaMask wallet before proceeding with the purchase. For instructions on how to toggle between networks for MetaMask on Voice, click here. *This is not required for Magic Wallet.

  3. After you've ensured that you're on the correct blockchain on Voice and in MetaMask, simply click on "Buy Now" within the listing. This will only appear on pieces that are available for sale.

    After clicking, a window will appear allowing you to select your payment of choice between your Voice Balance (USDC), Credit Card, or Ethereum.

  4. Next, you will be able to review and confirm your purchase. When ready, click on "Confirm Purchase".

    In this example, we are purchasing an NFT using our Ethereum balance and the NFT will be minted to Ethereum upon confirmation of the purchase. Keep in mind that you will need to confirm and authorize payment within MetaMask to complete your purchase.

    *Ethereum gas fees will vary and are set by network availability. Learn more here.

  5. The page will take a few moments to submit your request and once successful, you'll see a confirmation page that redirects you to the NFT listing page to view your new NFT minted to Ethereum.

    Success, you've purchased and collected an NFT on Voice!

Do I need to have ETH or MATIC in my MetaMask wallet when buying NFTs on Ethereum or Polygon?

No, unless you plan to pay in Ethereum for purchases.

For Voice Balance (USDC) and credit card payments, the amount will be added to the total sale price when paying with either a credit card or with your Voice Balance (USDC).

Can I make purchases on Voice using any mobile browser?

Yes, if you are using a Magic Wallet for your purchases. For more information on how to create and connect Magic Wallet to your Voice account, please see our Magic Wallet FAQs here.

No, if you are using a MetaMask wallet, Collectors on mobile devices or tablets will only be able to complete a purchase on Voice from within the MetaMask app's native browser.

For more information and links to download, please see our FAQ page: Where do I download MetaMask for desktop (Chrome) and mobile (iOS/Android)?

Collectors on their desktops for MetaMask and Magic Wallet will remain unaffected by this and may continue to use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc., on their desktops as per usual.

Can I make purchases in cryptocurrency directly from my MetaMask wallet?

Yes, you can now purchase NFTs on Voice using Ethereum. For details, see our FAQ here.

How do I pay with a credit card?

  1. Select Credit Card from the payment methods screen.

  2. Enter your credit card information. This information will be stored securely with our payment processor, Circle, to make it easier for you on your next checkout.

  3. Once you’ve added your card information, you will see a final confirmation of your payment. Click Confirm Purchase.

  4. Finally, you will be redirected to your profile to check out your new digital asset.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure (3DS) connects merchants, payment networks, and financial institutions in order to authenticate transactions by requiring customers to complete an additional verification step.

Voice supports 3D Secure (3DS) authentication for transactions as required and supported by the customer's issuing bank/credit card. The verification step is set by your bank and can include: two-factor authentication, logging into your online account, etc.

To find out if your bank offers 3D Secure (3DS) authentication for your purchases, please contact your bank's customer service team directly for more information.

How do I pay with my Voice balance (USDC)?

If you have enough Voice balance (USDC) to purchase the NFT in your account already, you can simply choose the Voice balance option and confirm your purchase.

If you do not have enough balance yet, simply click on 'Deposit'. This will take you to your deposits page.

Currently, Voice only supports USDC (Ethereum) deposits into your Voice balance. Check out our in-depth guide on how to deposit USDC (Ethereum) into your Voice balance.

What is a split payment on

A split payment on involves using your Voice balance and credit card as payment sources to settle the whole cost of a single transaction.

How do I split a payment between my Voice balance and a credit card?

If you have a Voice balance in your account that does not cover the entire cost of an NFT you'd like to purchase, you will have the option to split the payment between your Voice balance and a credit card.

After selecting the "Buy Now" button for an NFT, the page will load and display a new page notifying you of the insufficient funds within your Voice balance needed to complete this purchase.

On this page, you can select to split the payment between your remaining Voice balance and a credit card by selecting both boxes.

Or you can pay for the NFT only using your credit card by clicking to select the "Credit card" option and clicking the "Voice balance" to deselect this payment option.

When ready, click the "Continue" button at the bottom to complete your purchase.

Can I split a payment between 2+ credit cards?

No. You are not able to spilt a payment using more than 1 credit card at this time.

How do I add credit to my Voice balance with USDC?

Moving your money from your pocket to Ethereum-based USD Coin, also called "USDC", and from USDC to Voice is quick, easy, and free* on Voice.

If USDC is your first foray into cryptocurrency, don’t worry. USDC isn’t subject to volatility like other coins you may have heard of and is considered a stablecoin, which means it is tied 1:1 with the US dollar. 1 USDC (Ethereum) always equals $1 USD.

If you are trying to withdraw via USDC, check this guide out on withdrawing with USDC instead.


We recommend that you set up an account with Coinbase. Go to from a browser on your computer, or download and open the Coinbase app for smartphones on Android or iOS to get started and learn more about Coinbase's requirements for their service through their site here.

This is by far the largest crypto exchange is very user-friendly, and is fee-less for USDC. If you’re already set up on another exchange that supports USDC, you’re welcome to use it — just keep in mind that this guide will not cover the process and you may have to pay gas fees.

Once you’ve moved your money to Coinbase and have USDC, you’ll be able to send that directly to your Voice balance.

Voice is unable to offer support for the Coinbase service and recommends contacting the Coinbase customer service team directly for any assistance with their services.

Quick guide

Use this if you already have a Coinbase account and/or have bought, sold, sent, or received USDC before:

  1. Go to your balance page on Voice and click Deposit.

  2. Enter your deposit amount and arrive at the screen that provides the amount and wallet address, plus a QR code to scan.

  3. Open Coinbase on the web or in the app.

    1. If on the same device, copy the address provided in Voice and paste it into Coinbase.

    2. If on a different device, scan the QR code to pass the address to Coinbase.

  4. Double check the address and that you are sending USD Coin. You will not be able to recover the funds if you send the wrong crypto or to the wrong address.

  5. Confirm the transfer, and the funds will show up in your Voice balance in a few minutes.

If you feel lost or want more detailed guidance, follow the guide below.

Part 1: Converting your money to USDC on Coinbase

  1. Go to Coinbase and set up an account.

  2. Once you’re in, you will see prompts to set up a payment method either on the home page or when you try to buy or sell anything. They have a few options, it’s up to you which method you use.

  3. You will likely be asked to further verify your identity before you can buy using the method that you chose.

  4. Once you’re verified, click on Buy. You will see this screen.

  5. Click on Buy, and choose USD Coin.

  6. Enter the amount you want to buy, and submit the purchase.

Within moments, you will have USDC available in your Coinbase account. Then, all that’s left is sending the USDC to your Voice balance.

Part 2: Sending USDC to your Voice balance

  1. Log in to your Voice account.

  2. Navigate to your Balance page, and click Deposit.

  3. If you have not verified your identity on Voice yet, you will be prompted to do so now.

  4. Next, let us know how much you would like to add to your account.

  5. From here, you will see an option to scan a QR if you are using an app, such as the Coinbase app, or you will be given a wallet address and amount that you can copy and paste into your Coinbase account. It is very important that you select USD Coin as the crypto you want to transfer.

  6. Here is what each of those screens looks like depending on whether you are in the app or on the web in Coinbase.

    1. Web:

    2. In the app, if you can’t easily copy the address and paste it, you can click a button to scan a QR. That’s why we provide a QR at this step in the Voice app. This also works for anyone using another crypto wallet, like MetaMask.

  7. Once you’ve entered the amount and address or scanned the QR code, you will be asked to confirm the transfer in Coinbase. It is essential that you send USD Coin to this address. Double-check that the address matches the address provided in the Voice app and that you are sending USD Coin. If you send another form of crypto it will be lost.

Your USDC is officially on the way. It can take a few minutes to land in your account. Once it does, your balance will automatically update and you’ll be ready to instantly purchase NFTs on Voice.

*Network/gas fees may apply with Coinbase or other services.

Can I split an Ethereum payment?

No. We are unable to offer split payments for Ethereum at this time.

What should I do if I encounter an issue with a transaction on Voice?

If you encounter an issue with a transaction on Voice, please email [email protected] ASAP (within 7 days of your attempted transaction).

We also recommend contacting your payment method issuer first (such as the merchant who has issued your credit card), if it appears the issue might be with your payment method.

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